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Random Rock System

Create Magnificent Walls Using Our

Random Rock System

Add Beauty And Value To Your Home Or Business

Rock Wall in the making, Wall Caps to be installed.

Rock wall shown opposite side of above, in the making. Wall caps to be installed.

  • Full Block             2' Wide x 1' High x 2' Deep
  • Half Block            1' Wide x 1' High x 2' Deep
  • Corner Blocks       Right & Left
  • Caps                     24" Wide x 24" Deep x6" Thick
  • Step Treads        4' Wide x 3' Deep x 7" Thick

Because of the size and weight of our Random Rock System Walls, professional installation is recommended. 


As of this date- we will no longer be installing the Rock Wall System. We will be more than happy to make and deliver them for you though!